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5 Renter-Friendly Ways to Customize Your Apartment


In the last decade, the U.S. has seen a steady increase in renters versus homeowners across all age groups, but most especially in the millennial generation. This trend also spans across all income levels. From the poor to the wealthy, young and old, more and more people are choosing to rent over homeownership.


While there are pros and cons to each, perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of renting as opposed to homeownership is the inability to make major changes to your home. In this article, we’ll explore a few renter-friendly ways to customize your home and make it uniquely your own.




Gather Some Leafy Roommates

There are tons of added benefits in keeping houseplants: You’ll improve your health and happiness while sprucing up your decor. Start simple with a succulent or peace lily, or go for the flamboyant and delicate with an orchid or inch plant. Check out the best plants for apartments in an article from 6sqft.com.


If These Walls Could Talk...

There’s something about a white space that helps potential renters better envision living there. However, once you move in, those basic white walls can get rather dull. Painting is sometimes allowed but can be very limited when renting. Instead, shop for a removable wallpaper to create a one-of-a-kind space, accent wall, or decor piece.


If you’re looking for a quick dash of excitement, create your own large piece of art with a decorative shower curtain, collect decorative picture frames from thrift shops, or attach fabric to your walls with liquid starch.




Nothing Lies Like a Rug

Just like the walls, there’s a good chance the carpet in a given apartment is also some shade of white. Jazz up your living space or add interest with an area rug. Art isn’t just for the walls anymore; check out these inspired ideas from HGTV.com.


Perk up Your Blinds

Those boring white blonds that seem to be in every apartment building in existence aren’t permanent. You might want to ask your landlord or property manager first, but changing out your blinds will completely change the feel of your apartment.




Mirror, Mirror on Your Wall

It’s pretty basic design knowledge that small rooms look bigger with the addition of a mirror. There are a ton of ways you can use them to decorate your space. Cluster a few small mirrors or add one large floor-length mirror and create added depth and interest without having to rearrange your walls.


Want more apartment decorating ideas? Check out our Pinterest page for DIY Decorating and apartment decor and design ideas.


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