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Apartment Decorating Ideas For A Stylish Pad

Apartment Decorating Ideas For A Stylish Pad

Even though you are renting your apartment, there is no reason not to create a stylish space to live. Investing in the aesthetics of your environment can make all the difference in whether or not you are happy at home. Here are some apartment decorating ideas for a stylish pad that will make you excited to come home to every day!


Create More Space

In  Apartment Therapy's post 7 Ways to Make a Small Space Seem Less Claustrophobic, Adrienne Breaux gives tips for decorating that open up space in your apartment and make it seem larger. For instance, try painting your walls the same color as your sofa and hanging your curtains all the way from the floor to the ceiling. Using mirrors is another way to make your space feel larger and more glamorous.


Add light throughout your space to make it feel larger, more inviting, and more stylish. Not only do we suggest decorating with lighter colors (ivory walls, gray couches, cream rugs), but adding lighting through lamps helps a lot! Consider adding these LED light strips from IKEA underneath your kitchen cabinets, behind your bed headboard, in your dark closet, really anywhere you need extra light and ambiance.



The most stylish apartments decorate with textiles of all kinds, from rugs to curtains to throws. Layering can make a space feel really cozy, like placing a rug over that standard apartment carpet to designate the seating space. This post from HGTV goes into detail about ways to use rugs and curtains and layering textiles to create a cozy and stylish place.

If you invest some thought and money into making these three ideas happen in your space, your apartment will be the best home you have ever had. Utilizing tricks to create more space, purchasing some luxurious and cozy textiles, and adding light throughout your apartment is so worth it!


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