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Modern Living - What Does it Mean?

Remember the days when your phone, camera, iPod, and GPS were different devices?


Modern living is a lot like a smartphone. It’s designed to reduce the small moments that take time out of your day, keeping things in one spot. After experiencing it, you’ll wonder how you ever got anything done before.  


Fewer Responsibilities

I loved clearing the snow of off my car before going to work this morning! Said no one ever. The majority of apartments catering to this lifestyle sport heated underground parking, meaning more time to ease into your day. If you have a friend that owns a house, ask them about how much they enjoy shoveling the driveway, raking leaves, or cleaning the gutters - or how fun it was to replace a major appliance. All of these moments are taken care of in a modern apartment.  


Less Time Running Errands

The majority of modern apartments are built in convenient locations; close to grocery stores, banks, gyms, restaurants, and retailers. They’ll typically be right across the street or built into the ground level of your building. Your Saturday afternoon will thank you for this.


Fewer People to Rely on for Bills

Remember your college days, living with a ton of other people? Odds are you probably split the rent, electric, water & internet bill. It’s likely that one person occasionally forgot to pay a bill or forgot to pay you back. The majority of your bills are included in your monthly payments when living in modern apartments, so those awkward conversations with roommates will go the way of the Zune or Myspace.


More Time to Do What You Enjoy

Your day is made up of moments, and working full-time can occupy many of them. When you’re back from work and ready to enjoy some quality time, a modern apartment can help make this happen. When you think about it, the majority of us live in the modern world. Choosing where you live to best suit your lifestyle just makes sense. Spend that extra time with people you care about, go to concerts, eat something amazing, and live your lifestyle doing you.


If this rhythm of living sounds like one you could dance to, check out some our distinctive living options that blend location, comfort, and lifestyle into perfect harmony.  


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